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Red Canyon

per traveler
(min. 4 travelers)

4 hours

For those who the desert wind blows inside of them and for those who it doesn't, yet.

Red Canyon, a 4 hours trail that combines hiking and  jeep ride (an hour's walk).

The breathtaking scenery of the Red Canyon has already been heard throughout the desert, sculpting the ravines of the canyon with a divine finger on the sandstone rocks.

We will start with a 20 minute drive on road 12, to the entrance of the Canyon. There,  we'll enjoy a guided tour inside the Canyon. We will continue to the old Patrol's road and drive up to the peaks of Eilat's mountains, above the landscapes of the Arava and in front of the Red mountains, on the Jordanian side. From there we will drive down to Ein Netafim, the only source of water in the area.

We will finish at the 4 countries observation point on Mount Yoash (725 meters high), witness the sunset over the Red Sea and descend back towards Eilat.


Type of trip - family/individual,  challenging

Challenge level - medium walk

Guided tour

Pick up from the hotel

What would you prefer?

To travel through the desert in an open jeep, feeling the breeze or in a closed, air-conditioned jeep with a sunroof?

Both have their advantages, we can provide you either one you choose!

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