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טיולי ממדבר אילת
eilat desert tours

I still see it in my dreams.

Sitting around the fire, amazed by the magic of the desert. Crouching next to his old teacher, desert son of the Tarabin tribe. Longing to learn from his knowledge, like the acacia tree longing for water. Looks at the horizon and waits for the heat to go away and the shadows to fall. Approaches his camel and saddles it, preparing for the rest of the journey...

25 years have passed since then.

My name is Shlomi David, my life's journey is intertwined with the love for the desert.

I am an experienced tour guide. I combine trails, experiences and stories about the desert, exploration, music and wine.

You are invited to join me on a fascinating trip!

About Us:

24 years of experience in desert tourism.

Since 2000 guiding ATV tours and hundreds of trips to Sinai and Jordan. Extreme trips, Off-road motorcycles.

And all with love for the desert!

eilat desert tours
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