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Workshops and Entertainment

גיבוש וסדנאות מדבר

Wine workshop

A breathtaking 4-hour trip.

Taste 4 glasses of natural premium wines from our winery (Atika Winery)

An explanation of the western world of wine and creation using an ancient method

גיבוש וסדנאות מדבר

Spa treatment in the desert

4 therapists

Pampering treatment for the participants.

Massage Oil

Tibetan Bowls workshop

Healing sounds, an experience with Tibetan bowls and ancient tools. Calm and peace for body and soul

גיבוש וסדנאות מדבר

Health and yoga workshops 

Field workshops on Ayurveda (Indian medicine)

Yoga classes for relaxation in front of the desert scenery (suitable for beginners).

With Tamara Landzberg (Specialist in Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation teacher)

גיבוש וסדנאות מדבר


Jeep towing competition

Water fight

Riddle letters

Pita baking workshop for children

גיבוש וסדנאות מדבר

Drum circle

An exciting group experience!

The rhythm of the drums in the desert shakes the wilderness, shakes the heart.

For beginners and advanced, suitable for all ages.  

Under the guidance of"Great Samson" World music artist 

Drum circle with jambes in Mount Royal Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A weekend summer mu

Live Music

"Emach" band. A world music group with ethnic musical instruments from a variety of cultures.

Under the direction of. Samson Benjamin, Master in Percussion and Indian Music

גיבוש וסדנאות מדבר

Ethnic dance show

Avishag Efrati 

A magical desert dance show for events.  

A visual experience that connects ancient and the with contemporary dance. A surprising ethnic dance.

גיבוש וסדנאות מדבר

Free drawing workshop in colored charcoal

An artistic experience and a connection to myself, the environment, the desert and mother earth

With the help of the desert magic and the inspiring landscape, he will express the emotion and feeling he experienced at that moment.

Under the guidance of Dahlia is a spring flower - Artist

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