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Magic of the Desert

summer trail

per traveler
(min. 4 travelers)

4 hours

4 hours trail in the peaks of the Eilat mountains.

A breathtaking family desert experience, enjoy the views of the sea and the desert from the mountains tops.

We will start the trip in Nahal Shlomo, then we will climb with the jeeps up the mountains through Nahal Rehabam, for the first view of the Egyptian border. We will continue through old Ma'ale Eilat connecting to road 12, Ein Netafim and Ma'ale Yair on a challenging 4x4 route. From there we will drive up to the Old Patrol road for observation and a short stop to enjoy complementary cold drinks and fruits.

Towards sunset we will go up to Mount Yoash to the only observation point in the world from where you can see 4 countries from one place.

Type of the trip - family/individual with many beautiful photo spots!

Challenge level - easy, challenging jeep track!

Guided tour

Pick up from the hotel

What would you prefer?

To travel through the desert in an open jeep, feeling the breeze or in a closed, air-conditioned jeep with a sunroof?

Both have their advantages, we can provide you either one you choose!

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