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+ entrance fee 
(aprox. $10)
per traveler
(min. 4 travelers)

4 hours

Timna,  a travel in time.

Go back in time to the Pharaonic mining period in the mines of Timna.


An exciting journey following the pharaohs. A visit to the kingdom of King Solomon. Enjoy the amazing  views of the huge mushroom and the screw like rocks and the ancient mining caves.

We will walk among the remains of the ancient Temple, climb to the Solomon's Pillars lookout and go down to the mining shafts.

We will end the journey by filling bottles with colored sand, an experience for the whole family.

The trip includes detailed instruction on the history of the pharaohs at the site, geology and archeology.

An unforgettable experience, suitable for the whole family.


Type of trip - a family/individual experience

Challenge level - easy

Guided tour

Pick up from the hotel

What would you prefer?

To travel through the desert in an open jeep, feeling the breeze or in a closed, air-conditioned jeep with a sunroof?

Both have their advantages, we can provide you either one you choose!

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