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Touch and Go

per traveler
(min. 4 travelers)

2 hours

Short and concise, this family experience will bring  you a lot of what the desert has to offer in little time.

The breathtaking scenery of the Arava in two hours. You won't even start to sweat and you'll be back at your hotel with a bag full of desert experiences that will leave you wanting more.

We will start the visiting the Kingdom of the giant turtles. We'll drive along the Jordanian border to the Flamingos's Ponds to witness their migration.

From there we will continue to Ein Evrona (a well from the biblical period) and then a stop at Deklei Adom for guidance on the surroundings.

On our way back we will stop at the Tzaparut park to watch the sunset.

Type of trip - family/individual, short

Challenge level - easy

Guided tour

Pick up from the hotel

What would you prefer?

To travel through the desert in an open jeep, feeling the breeze or in a closed, air-conditioned jeep with a sunroof?

Both have their advantages, we can provide you either one you choose!

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