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Magic of the Desert

winter trail

per traveler
(min. 4 travelers)

4 hours

Amram columns, a 4 hours Tour

The winter months are the perfect time to witness the wonders of the desert. If the hotel's pool is not heated and the sea water is too cold, take a trip to the desert with us!

We will start the trip at the oil axis, we'll visit Nahal Netafim (stopping for guidance). Next, to Nahal Rodad and to the ancient gold mine (Tavahin). We will drive to the Yedidia pass through Nahal Shoret, stop for a short lookout at the Red Mountains and continue to the Amram columns, where we will get off the jeeps for a short walk to its spectacular views.

At the Yochaved parking, we'll stop for tea and pita bread (made on the tava) with labaneh and some "desert time" to enjoy the sunset... the trip will soon be over.

Type of trip - family/individual trip including a light desert meal.

Challenge level - easy

Guided tour

Pick up from the hotel

What would you prefer?

To travel through the desert in an open jeep, feeling the breeze or in a closed, air-conditioned jeep with a sunroof?

Both have their advantages, we can provide you either one you choose!

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